Highline Bears COVID-19 Update

03/17/2020 6:57 AM -
Dear Highline Bears Fans,
To say it bluntly, it's been one stressful week. COVID-19 has hit pause on our country and changed our lives in what seems like a matter of hours and days. For most, if not all of our players their college seasons have been suspended or canceled. We're not sure what the next few days, weeks or months really hold for the Highline Bears.
This is going to affect us all in ways we don't even see yet, and changes or adjustments are inevitable. As of today Tuesday, March 17, 2020 the Highline Bears are hoping and continuing to plan on having a season. We believe now, more than ever you, our players, and our community need something positive to look forward to. With that said, we will monitor and comply with all state and federal regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are aware that lot of changes can happen within the next two months.
The safety of our players, staff, fans, and community are the most important priority to us. Moving forward we will continue to have updates for you as things change, and we will do everything within our power to make sure we can have baseball this summer. Any changes to postpone, or cancel the season will not be taken lightly and will be a last measure taken.
In the meantime, we highly suggest everyone follow the state and federal suggestions of social distancing. Anything we can do as individuals to slow/beat this thing can, in the long run help save lives and help insure we are back in the stadium this summer.
If you want to help support the Highline Bears and our players here are a few ways you can:
1) Support our local businesses and partners. They are the lifeblood of our organization and community, if they cannot thrive we cannot either. We will be releasing links to local restaurants with take out options available daily.
2) Buy Highline Bears Merchandise: shop.highlinebears.com
3) Purchase Highline Bears tickets. www.highlinebears.com/tickets (In the event a game is postponed or canceled tickets can be exchanged for a later date. All season tickets can receive a full refund)
While this week has been very scary, disappointing, and some may write this off as "it's just sports", this game is a huge part of our community and our players lives. We've been working 9 months straight to bring you the best show in town and our players have been working years to achieve their goals. However while it's not easy to do, sometimes we have to take a moment to step back and see the world is bigger than our own wants and needs.
Take care, be smart and be safe. We will get through this and we'll be packing the stadium, chanting "root beer" at an opposing batting so we can all get a $1 root beer float.
Thank You,
Justin Moser
General Manager
Highline Bears Baseball Club