fan code of conduct

Fan Code of Conduct

The Highline Bears and King County Parks Staff are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable sports experience for our guests. For the safety and enjoyment of all, guests are expected to maintain appropriate behavior while attending our games. The management of the Highline Bears and Park staff reserves the right to deny entry to the facility or eject guests displaying inappropriate behavior as determined by facility, event, or security management. This is a drug and tobacco free facility, including e-cigarettes and marijuana products.

  1. NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS... but you can bring one (1) empty container per person to fill at the water fountain.
  2. Creating any safety hazard
  3. Improper resale of tickets, such as scalping on Harry & David Field grounds
  4. Standing on chairs/seats
  5. Drunk and disorderly conduct
  6. Fighting or challenging others to fight
  7. "Mooning" or exposing private body parts
  8. Interference or delaying the game
  9. Throwing, tossing or discharging unauthorized objects or liquid substance
  10. Using profanity and/or other offensive language
  11. Taunting or using offensive language against players, umpires, or staff of the Highline Bears or King County Parks
  12. Attempting to enter the field, non-public or VIP areas without authorization
  13. Entering a seating area without the correct ticket
  14. Disturbing other guests' enjoyment of the event
  15. Using or bringing in alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products
  16. Failure to comply with facility personnel
  17. Violation of King County Parks, local, state, or federal laws and statutes

King County Parks and the Highline Bears management reserve the right to suspend season ticket privileges for guests who do not comply with facility policies. Ejected guests will NOT receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way. We sincerely thank you for adhering to these provisions and hope you will thoroughly enjoy our games.

*The Highline Bears reserve the right to amend ballpark guidelines and policies for Bears games at any time. *