Announcement about the 2021 Season

04/09/2021 5:45 AM -

Dear Fans,

We are going to miss you this season…

After many lengthy back and forth meetings we have decided that we will not be hosting fans inside the ballpark this summer. Social distancing has to be a priority, even with the potential prospect of moving into a Phase 4 sometime this summer, we have concerns.

One of the great things about Mel Olson Stadium is the intimate atmosphere, closeness you can have with the players, live action on the field and fun interaction in the stands. Under Covid-19 safety protocol guidelines, all this is lost. This summer we will host local players who will play a limited home schedule and road games, but with no fans in attendance.

BUT WAIT, we’re already working on the 2022 season! The stadium will have improvements, more fan participation, more fun and surprises, an expanded food and drink menu, GREAT baseball and the best show you’ve ever experienced at a baseball game.

Don’t go away! We’re going to need your help. We’ll be reaching out soon for your ideas on how we can make the 2022 season something no one will ever forget!