Highline Bears

Front Office



Justin Moser
General Manager

Justin Moser has been obsessed with the game of baseball since before he could walk. Growing up playing little league, pony and select baseball in the Highline area. After passing on multiple junior college baseball offers Justin searched high and low for a highly competitive level of baseball. After not having luck in amateur adult leagues Justin found the PIL. After hearing stories of how popular semi-pro baseball & men’s fast pitch was in the Highline area Justin wanted to bring back baseball to White Center Stadium. Mr. Moser is an aspiring entrepreneur, philanthropist and a baseball enthusiast. He hopes to offer a higher level of baseball for athletes who are striving to play at the next level while bringing back the excitement & entertainment baseball can offer a community.


Trent Gibson
Graphics & Branding Director

Trent Gibson is the Graphics and Branding Director for the Bears, bringing a passion for crisp design and a love of baseball. Ever since the age of three he carried a baseball in his had. His passion for the game continued from little league, through high school in Henderson, NV and onto college baseball at Becker College in Worcester, MA. While at Becker College he pitched and majored in graphic design, helping design the sports programs and websites for multiple teams.

Trent was then recruited to help build the Highline Bears brand in the fall of 2014 and pitched for the Bears in the 2015 & 2016 summer seasons. Trent’s passion and love for the game helps him relate to what looks good in all aspects of design. From the team’s website, uniforms, merchandise, and promotional marketing materials Trent has been the mastermind behind it all.  He hopes to bring joy and the love of the game back to the Highline community while also impacting young competitive athletes to take that next step in their baseball careers.



Pete Richmire
VP of Game Day Operations

Pete Richmire is in his fifth year as a public address announcer and providing game music for baseball, and going to be his third with the Bears. He has announced at several levels from college to AAA for the Tacoma Rainiers. In addition to baseball, he also provides game entertainment for basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, hockey, and softball.

“Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. Not only does he help with PA, he is the brains behind all the game day entertainment & pre-game ceremonies. Pete has advanced our program to a level of professionalism I didn’t see possible in our first couple of years. I’ve been to baseball games at all levels across the country and haven’t witnessed anyone as creative and professional at Pete.”   

-Justin Moser, CEO & General Manager

“I enjoy working with the Bears because it is a professionally ran organization that allows elite college players the opportunity to extend their season at a highly competitive level while maintaining their eligibility. Players need that chance to pick up innings and at bats and the Bears have shown their commitment not only to the players, but to the fans as well. The atmosphere at a Bears game is incredible. It doesn’t get any better than skilled baseball at the community level. I look forward to a great year of Highline baseball. Go Bears! “-Pete Richmire