Press Releases


03/01/2018 10:46 PM -
The Highline Bears announced the opening of multiple positions and internships for the 2017-2018 season. The Bears are opening a total of 7 positions that will have openings for upwards of 15 open positions. The majority of the positions are internships where college or high school students can gain experience working in a variety of areas.
Some of the positions open include; being Buntly, the Highline Bears Mascot, a concession stand manager, game day assistant, play by play broadcasters and videographers to run cameras during games.
“We’re looking to offer a valuable experience for students looking for a part time spring and summer job. Our team is a great place to learn the in’s and out’s of running a sports operation. We’ve been expanding our operations each year both on and off the field. Next season we’re planning on having multiple promotional nights, steaming a live video broadcast every home game and running exciting between inning games for fans.” Explained General Manager Justin Moser.
Most of the positions and internships run from April through the middle of August, with a few select positions starting as early as November.
“This is a fun opportunity to gain some great experience in sports management and sport entertainment.” Said Moser