Bears Rebranding - Running "Name the Team" Contest

06/22/2021 7:08 AM -
Dear Fans,
As most of you know last week we announced that our mascot Buntly the Bear has decided to retire at the end of this season.
When Buntly and his representatives came to us a couple of months ago we began strategizing and brainstorming what we could do. Buntly’s been the heart and soul of our team since day 1, replacing him with another Bear just didn’t seem like the right thing today.
So today, we are announcing that the Highline Bears will be rebranding with a new team name, and we want the community to help!
We’re giving our community the rare opportunity to help us rename our team in an online “Name the Team contest!
This stadium was originally built in 1940, I’ve heard story after story of the stands overflowing. The memories that we made here and the legends that took the field. We’re here to bring our community together, under the lights on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer. This is going to be the most fun you’ll have every summer, and unlike any baseball game you’ve ever been to. But before we can get there we need your help in picking out the perfect name.
A name that is original, fun, crazy, and embodies our community and the Pacific Northwest.
Fans can enter their name ideas at RenameOurTeam.com. To enter simply enter your nomination and an explanation of why you feel your name suggestion perfectly embodies our community. There are no limits on entries and the contest ends on July 4th. After we sift through all the submissions the top choices will be put out for a vote from the community this fall.
As part of the contest two lucky fans will win lifetime tickets to every game we play.
Now, we understand change can be uncomfortable and scary. However, the only thing changing here is our brand, website and email addresses. Everything you love about coming out to the ballpark will stay the same and continue to get better.
So put your thinking caps on, go to RenameOurTeam.com and start entering every idea you can think of!
-We Need A Name Baseball Club