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Pacific International League


PIL-logo2Founded in 1992, the Pacific International League (PIL) is considered by many to be the premier Summer Collegiate Baseball league in the Northwest. Sanctioned by the National Baseball Congress (NBC), most PIL players are NCAA eligible and are unpaid in order to maintain their eligibility. The PIL is different from many other summer collegiate baseball leagues in that the league also allows former professionals and college graduates to participate.

The league was formed by a core group of franchises from the previous Northwest Amateur Western International League.  Formed and federally recognized as a Tax Free Corporation, the PIL has taken great pains to insure that a community orientated philosophy is the guiding objective.  Alongside the goal of establishing the “best” amateur league in North America, an equal effort is placed on returning to our communities, and their youth, some of the support that we have received over the years.  Current teams place a strong emphasis on the amateur athletes  helping young players develop and in the process, realize their individual goals  The players  posses a wide variety of experience.  Top college athletes find themselves competing with former professional players.






Jacoby Ellsbury



Jason Bay



Kyle Overbay



Tim Lincecum


Since 1992, over 40 Pacific International League players have appeared in a major league baseball game. Listed below are those players who played in an official PIL game. Those players in red were active in the majors in the 2013 season.


Justin Atchley:  Everett

Brian Barden: Bend

Rick Bauer: Ontario

Jason Bay: Kelowna

Justin Baughman: Tacoma

Willie Bloomquist: Tacoma

Randy Choate: Tacoma, Kelowna

Jason Ellison: Everett

Jacoby Ellsbury: Bend

Jeff Farnsworth: Seattle

Josh Fields: Bellingham

Ron Flores: Ontario

Jesse Foppert: Ontario

Jeff Francis: Coquitlam, Bellingham, Everett

Cole Gillespie: Wenatchee

Eric Gunderson: Aloha

Nick Hagadone: Kirkland

Jason Hammel: Wenatchee

Aaron Harang: Kelowna

Mark Hendrickson: Everett

Bucky Jacobsen: Kelowna, Pendleton

Brent Lillibridge: Seattle

Tim Lincecum: Seattle

Todd Linden: Everett

Justin Leone: Tacoma

Chris Magruder: Yakima

Nyjer Morgan: Seattle, Kelowna

Aaron Myette: Coquitlam

Lyle Overbay: Everett

Chad Orvella: Everett

Jason Phillips: Kelowna

Robert Ramsay: Kelowna

Kevin Richardson: Bellingham

Jerrod Riggan: Everett, Kelowna

David Riske: Tacoma

Marc Rzepczynski: Bellingham

Jared Sandberg: Kelowna

Bobby Scales: Aloha

Chris Stewart: Aloha

Kevin Stocker: Spokane

Joe Strong: Seattle

Ty Taubenheim: Bellingham

Mike Thurman: Aloha

Mason Tobin: Everett

Ryan Verdugo: Skagit

Jeff Zimmerman: Tacoma, Coquitlam, Kelowna

Jordan Zimmerman: Coquitlam